Quality and ISO 9000

  • Development of TQM Implementation Plans for a $15 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – For the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical fighter aircraft assisted in the development of implementation plans for a Total Quality Management System (TQMS) in the product/process definition and manufacturing operations functions. These included short term plans 1-3 years and long terms plans 5-10 years. Manpower requirements, schedules, tasks work steps, deliverable, and timing were established.
  • Review Quality Management Practices of a Security Systems Company – For an international security systems manufacturer facilitated the review of the companies two major division’s quality management practices. Identified strengths, weaknesses, improvement opportunities and gained a senior management consensus on direction. Considered teamwork/employee involvement , culture, systems and procedures in the review. Resulted in the development of a TQM implementation plan which extended over 2 years.
  • Review and Development of an Operations Continuous Improvement Plan for a Lighting Fixture Manufacture – As project director, led a team to review engineering operations and manufacturing systems and developed a detailed implementation plan to achieve improvements. Introduced TQM and continuous improvement approach and identified requirements for MRP & CAD systems. Developed a new product development methodology to improve quality of the design process and reduce non value added activities. Included training and education needs.
  • Identified and Implemented Continuous Process Improvement Approach in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer – For an international pharmaceutical manufacturer conducted a review of the quality assurance (Quality Control Laboratory Analytical Services) activities. Identified value added and non value added costs, processes, cycle time/process time ratios, compliance to Federal Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) regulations. Conducted a cost of quality study including appraisal, internal failure, external failure, and preventative costs. Developed alternative approaches to conducting activities which resulted in substantial process improvements. Identified a method of scheduling and planning the Direct QA activities on the MRP II System. Created a continuous process improvement methodology, which was subsequently adapted company wide.
  • Implemented Continuous Quality Improvement Program for a Large Regional Aircraft Manufacturing – Assisted the establishment of the organizational environment to implement TQM included Engineering, Marketing, HRM, Manufacturing and Finance. Set up executive quality council and improvement teams. Coached management and team members in the execution of a $50 million inventory reduction program. This resulted in several CQI teams being established to address root causes that contributed to inventory excess and redundancy. Facilitated many teams in various process areas to utilize a continuous process improvement methodology and eliminate root causes.
  • Implementing Inventory Accuracy and Continuous Improvement Methodology at a Building Products Manufacturer – For a manufacturer of building products developed an inventory accuracy improvement methodology. As project facilitator led four problem solving teams through the process. Utilized fishbone diagrams, pareto charts and general problem solving tools to identify root causes for inventory inaccuracy. Assisted several teams in solving problems relating to inaccuracy and implementing solutions. This included production operations, receiving and material handling. Achieved 95% accuracy in preparation for the implementation of an MRP II system. This program was so successful it was spread to all areas of the company.
  • Developed and Implemented Company Wide ISO 9000 Procedures for an Aircraft Manufacturer – The existing procedures were fragmented and documented by function. A new, process-oriented manufacturing and engineering system was implemented so we developed procedures by process and linked them to the ISO 9001 clause.
  • Led Several Teams at an Aircraft Manufacturer’s Spare Parts Division To Improve Performance – Implemented COI approaches in a $100 million division to improve delivery performance and reduce AOG (Aircraft on Ground). Utilized a structured problem solving methodology to identify problems, root causes and solutions. Coached approximately 30 staff to use the approach and continue solving problems themselves. The division was successfully turned around within six months.