Operations Improvement

  • Development Of A Facilities Plan For A Consumers Goods/Pharmaceutical Manufacturer – Project director on a facilities planning project for a major international consumers goods (cosmetics and toothpaste) and pharmaceutical manufacturer. They purchased a new 244,000 sq. ft. plant which consolidated warehousing, manufacturing and production under one roof. Planned the detailed layout, materials handling, utilities, and new internal building construction. Used relationship charts and diagrams, block layouts, and space specifications approach to achieve a successful and acceptable plan. Utilizing MOST set standard times and improved methods to achieve savings of $260,000 per year on the packaging lines.
  • Group Technology Implementation At An International Electrical Equipment Manufacturer – For an international electrical equipment (Switchgear) manufacturer conceived and implemented a parts coding and family classification system based on group technology principles integrating engineering families, manufacturing processes, tooling, N.C. programs, and MRP System data. Group codes were developed for purchased parts, manufactured piece parts, sub-assemblies, major assemblies and raw materials . Resulted in savings of approximately $200,000 per year, reducing need for three process planners, one N.C. programmer and one draftsman due to the ability to automatically retrieve standard routings and designs from the MRP (Honeywell), and CAD (Computervision) Systems, and modify if required. Engineering families gave the company the visibility and methodology to lay out the factory toward cellular manufacturing, reducing lead time for parts manufacture. This was a sheet metal fabrication environment.
  • Review And Development Of An Operations Improvement Plan For A Lighting Fixture Manufacture – As project director, led a team to review engineering operations and manufacturing systems and developed a detailed implementation plan to achieve improvements. Introduced TQM and continuous improvement approach and identified requirements for MRP & CAD systems. Developed a new product development methodology to improve quality of the design process and reduce non value added activities. Included training and education needs.
  • Identifying And Implementing, Process Improvements In A Pharmaceutical Manufacturer – For an international pharmaceutical manufacturer conducted a review of the quality assurance (Quality Control Laboratory Analytical Services) activities. Identified value added and non value added costs, processes, cycle time/process time ratios, compliance to Federal Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) regulations. Conducted a cost of quality study including appraisal, internal failure, external failure, and preventative costs. Developed alternative approaches to conducting activities which resulted in substantial process improvements. Identified a method of scheduling and planning the Direct QA activities on the MRP II System. Created a continuous process improvement methodology, which was subsequently adapted company wide.
  • Implementing A Manual Material Control System At A Custom House Manufacturer – For a manufacturer of custom built houses managed and coached the client staff to develop and implement a manual material control system in preparation for an MRP II implementation. Introduced JIT and TQM techniques into the operations areas of the business to achieve continuous improvement approach. Developed a procedures manual to plan, schedule and maintain perpetual inventory records. Introduced the BOM and material requirements planning approach into the company.