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Innovation Nation Radio Show on Career Buzz, with Stephen C. Armstrong, explores the intersection of real-world business practice and people’s career development. We explore how individuals turn their personal passion for innovation, into tangible commercial success. And we learn about innovation management trends, best practices, and lessons learned.

This show can be heard live on Toronto radio station CIUT every 3rd or 4th Wednesday, 11am- Noon, Eastern Time.  The FM station covers a wide area around the Greater Toronto Area.

And you can listen live worldwide, via the Internet.
For details of how to listen to CIUT radio 89.5 FM, click here.

The location of CIUT is at Hart House on the St George campus of the University of Toronto in downtown Toronto

Coming soon – Future Shows

Listen live on Wednesdays, 11am Eastern time, on…………….

  • 2024, 10th July – Andre Mech – “Oil and gas are in a competition with electrics, hydrogen and SCF (sustainable combustion fuels)” 
  • 2024, 14th August – Dylan Sheppard.  “Alternative Ulster: The influence of Punk Rock Music as an alternative culture during the troubles in Northern Ireland”
  • 2024, xxx – Jim Saunders – “Art and Science of Pricing Products, and Services”
  • 2024, XXX – Dean Sorenson – “Design and Developing Modern Performance Management Systems” 

Past shows

Innovation Nation 2024

Innovation Nation 2023

Innovation Nation 2022

Innovation Nation 2021

Innovation Nation 2020

Innovation Nation 2019

Innovation Nation 2018

Innovation Nation 2017

Innovation Nation 2016

Innovation Nation 2015

  • 2015 April 8th – ‘Fundraiser show’
    • A special with Mark Franklin discussing the best of previous Innovation Nation and CareerBuzz shows

NOTE: Tech tips for listening to past shows…..

  • To listen online, click on a link to a past show. Your browser will start your media player.
    • The media player may be part of your browser, or your main media player
    • The show may start automatically or may require you to click on the PLAY button in the media player
  • To download the mp3 for listening on your device as you travel
    • click on the link to start your media player. Then use the settings within your media player for saving the file to your library. Eg: Under Windows Media Player, go to the FILE option, then select SAVE AS
      • OR, right-click on the link, and choose the option “SAVE LINKED CONTENTS AS………” to save the file to your library
    • the time taken to download the show depends on the size of the mp3 file. The size is shown next to the link to the show, in italics


1 reply
  1. Nilan
    Nilan says:

    Hey..I listened to the show today with the Action Canada guy.
    I don’t want to get into his positions but it all struck me as being rather funny.
    I was Program Director at CIUT for 6 years, on the board for a number and did a show for 16.
    What struck me as funny was that through my time as PD in the early 90s, we had at least 2 shows that consistently delved into topics around globalisation, wef civil liberties etc. etc. by pretty left people.
    Pre internet and linked with US researchers.
    Now I’m hearing internet fueled claims of the same nature a decade later.
    Of course the people complaining now aren’t socialist left but more like entitled right.
    Just sayin’
    I generally enjoy the content of the show, btw..keep it up!
    This one was funnier than most.


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