Educational Materials

We offer educational materials on implementing ERP, MRP II, IPD and Concurrent Engineering. Presentations are in PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

The cost is on a case by case basis.

The topic areas are discussed in some detail on a section of this site titled: On-Line Problem Solving Services.

The publications are listed in four sections:

  1. IPD/Concurrent Engineering is dealt with in three sub-sections. An overview can be seen here, or click on one of the three topics below to go directly to that topic.
    1. Management Strategies for Applying Product Development
    2. Integrated Product Development Best Practices
    3. Lessons Learned in Aerospace Companies
  2. Manufacturing Systems Development and Implementation (ERP/MRP II) publications are divided into several sub-topics:
    1. Introduction
    2. Planning Implementing and Managing An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project
    3. The Mechanics of Top Management Planning
    4. The Mechanics of Operations Management Planning
    5. Materials Requirements Planning
    6. The Mechanics of Operations Management Execution and Control
    7. Configuration Management and the MRP Database
  3. Operations Improvement/Business Transformation
  4. Engineering Systems Information and Concepts

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