Direction Setting

  • Business strategy for aircraft landing gear manufacturers – Conducted 3 day strategic planning workshops. Conducted SWOT analysis. Identified improvements and business goals for each functional area.
  • Creation of Future State Vision for a $15 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – For the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical fighter aircraft, assisted a strategic planning group to define a vision of the company operations in 2000-2005 to meet the U.S. defence needs (F18, Advanced Tactical Fighter, Advanced Tactical Aircraft, National Aerospace Plane). A conceptual framework was developed which included the definition of the principles on which the company would achieve performance improvement (total quality management, employee involvement, total cost management, and continuous flow of information and material). Developed a future state architecture by defining major business processes (acquiring business, define product/process, build product, and support product) and sub processes. Utilized the U.S. Air Force IDEF methodology to define the future state architecture.
  • Creation of a Future State Vision for the Product Development of a $30 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – Facilitated a team of consultants and engineering managers to identify future processes to design the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter). Included the application of the latest modelling and simulation technology. In progress March ’97 – Dec ’97.
  • Creation of a Future State Vision for a $800 Million Regional Aircraft Manufacturer – Developed a vision and strategy to achieve an integrated enterprise. Components of the enterprise included: management structure, information structure, business process structure, physical structure and computer systems structure. Designed a methodology to achieve integration of all components. Identified conceptual framework which included cultural principles, new workflow and tactics to achieve business goals. Cascaded tactics through performance management program.