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Innovation Nation Radio Show

Innovation Nation Radio Show on Career Buzz, with Stephen C. Armstrong, explores the intersection of real-world business practice and people’s career development. We will explore how individuals turn their personal passion for innovation, into tangible commercial success. And we learn about innovation management best practices, and lessons learned. This show can be heard live on […]

APS1012 Management of Innovation

Managing Business Innovation and Transformational Change Course Winter 2010 The 4 quadrants of Innovation The Management Consultant Versus Management Engineer Project Scope: Sustainability Through Green Engineering Innovation Strategies and How to Apply Within Dormant Organizations Scope “The 7 Deadly Innovator Sins of An Innovator” Regulation and Innovation Profit Growth Through Innovation Fall 2010 The Commercialization […]

APS1013 Applying Innovation: Working with External Companies

Fall 2010 Town of Newmarket – Water Tower Infrastructure Sharing Program Del Equipment Trucks – Operations Innovation Project Hatch Associates – An Investigation into Reducing the Energy Costs for a New Build 200MW Nickel Smelter in Halmahera, Indonesia Hatch Associates – Way Forward for Sustainability of Mining Business in Developing Nations Winter 2012 Samco Machinery […]

APS1018 The Engineer in Society; Ethics, History, Philosophy

Fall 2012 – Engineering Profession in China An Analysis of Engineering Education in China versus the West The Role of the Engineer in Society – China versus the West Fall 2013 Green Management Strategy and Best Practices learned from Sinopec China, Bombardier Canada, and Cemex Mexico Environmental Policy for Sustainability in China Shortage of Engineers […]

APS1028 Operations and Production Management

Fall 2015-Full Semester Supply Chain Management in Chemical Processes – Hazardous Waste JIT/Lean in Supply Chain Management Operational Management of Renewable Energy Systems ERP Systems in Electronics and ERP in Operations Oil and Gas Industry (Exploration, Drilling, Fracturing, Production, Transportation, Refining, Marketing) Process Improvements in the Automotive Industry – Plant Layout Maintenance Management in the […]

APS1049 Management Consulting for Engineers-Working with Tier 1 MC Firms

Spring 2018 – (4 weeks intense)- Management Consulting for Engineers-Working with Tier 1 MC Firms (Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte) PWC 1 – Leading Forecasting techniques used in   business development – targeting opportunities, forecasting sales and revenue and managing growth of a management consulting business using science PWC 2- Forecast of demand for management consulting services within specific […]

APS1203 Engineering Teaching and Learning for Prospective Professors

APS1203 –Engineering Teaching and Learning for Prospective Professors. This courses was run once as a substitute teacher and consistent of the following content Course Overview – This course is designed for people with an interest in furthering their understanding of curriculum, teaching and learning, and in particular within the context of the engineering education. Basic concepts in […]

AER1601 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry

AER1601 –Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry Fall 2017 – Bombardier Aerospace Projects  Team 1-Work and Material Planning and Shop Floor Control MPS/MRP Inventory Accuracy Issuance of Material to the Line Team 2 -Fabrication Shop Operations Improvement Workflow efficiencies, Plant Layout (NOT IN SCOPE), Plan and Unplanned Work, Vendor Part Management Capacity planning and […]

MIE459 Organizational Theory & Design

MIE459 Course Description: This course examines how engineers as managers can create more effective organizations. We focus on the following areas for improving organizational effectiveness: The role of Management in Organizational Design Organizational Design and Business Strategy Alternative organizational structures, such as functional, divisional, geographic, matrix, and horizontal structures Techniques for managing an organization’s dependencies […]