Tim Kinnaird 26th January 2022

Today on your show our topic is: “Career Advice for young Professional as a Result of Covid”. In the first show (CV19 – CV1984) May 2020 we asked the question; “Will Covid-19 spell the end of our long-cherished privacy ideals and give way to widespread technology-fueled state surveillance, censorship and an attack on our human rights?” The 2nd Show “Social Impact of Covid” April 2021 which was an update to compare reality with the forecast. Now the second show did get a reaction from the public – some extreme support others angry that Tim was not censored. In this the third show we are revisiting this question with a focus on how people should reconsider their careers and future prospects under the current world wide Covid Regime.

Guest – Tim Kinnaird . Tim Kinnaird is a Canadian Barrister and Solicitor born and raised in Montreal. After attending the Jesuit Loyola High School, he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Political Philosophy from Concordia University and the University of Calgary. After a two-year residence in Lake Louise, Alberta, he came to Ontario and attended Western University (UWO) and obtained his law degree. After articling with a Superior Court Judge, he has practiced family and estate law since his call to the Bar in 1990. He is a long-time political commentator. Tim was on the show in May 2020 when he posited that the response to CV19 was ushering in 1984 style authoritarianism squashing the culture innovation nation.

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