Sustaining Continuous Innovation Through Problem Solving

Stephen C. Armstrong


Continuous business transformation requires ongoing Problem Solving and Process Management. This book leads the reader through

  • the different areas of change
  • the complete process management body of knowledge
  • and then shows how to improve the organization and the outcomes.

This book has everything you will need. There is the practical stepbystep approach, the templates to guide the groups through the processes, and the measurements to keep the improvements on track.

This approach works. And the book includes examples of how and where this has worked.

Why you should buy this book.

Read the Foreword by Bob Repovs, President, Samco Machinery, who adopted this approach.

Read the Foreword by Bob Cox, Publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press, who adopted this approach.

Read the Foreword by Dr. Juergen Boenisch a leader in the field of manufacturing and change.

Review the Contents of this Book.
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ISBN: 0831132752

Binding: Hardback
Pages: 408

To buy the book

  • You can buy directly from Industrial Press
  • In Canada? You must buy through Nelson Thomson Learning at 1-800-268-2222

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