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  • Review of Military Aircraft Manufacturers Deployment of Modelling and Simulation Technology – Reviewed the process used to deploy advanced modelling and simulation technology into the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. The technology had to be used by Integrated Product Teams (IPTS). Identified strategies for successful deployment including aligning management and functional departments.
  • Review Quality Management Practices of a Security Systems Company – For an international security systems manufacturer facilitated the review of the companies two major division’s quality management practices. Identified strengths, weaknesses, improvement opportunities and gained a senior management consensus on direction. Considered teamwork/employee involvement, culture, systems and procedures in the review. Resulted in the development of a TQM implementation plan which extended over 2 years.
  • Competitive Benchmark Analysis For A $15 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – For the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical fighter aircraft assisted in the development of a competitive assessment of the company relating to customer buying factors including: configuration and product technology, supportability, manufacturing, cost management. A matrix comparing strength and weaknesses of aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Northrop, General Dynamics, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas) performance was developed.
  • Review Manufacturing Operations of a Regional Aircraft Manufacturer – Performed a review of the Engineering and Manufacturing operations of a $600 million enterprise. Documented “As Is” business processes and performance measures including shortages, work orders past due, quality indicators, value added/non-value added work, cycle time/process time ratios, capacity overloads, etc. Linked the business strategy to the strategic transormation iniatives.
  • Review And Assessment Of A Plastics Component Manufacturer – For a plastic component manufacturer conducted a review of the Engineering Division which included product design, mould design and mould manufacturing , costing, human resources, marketing and management. Developed a directional plan to achieve a turnaround and make a profit. This included specifications for project planning methods, business plans, human resource plans, information system for planning and controlling the business and a process improvement methodology.
  • Identifying Improvement Opportunities And Advanced Technology Applications To Reduce Product Development Cycle Time From 3 Years To 18 Months, For A $15 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – For the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical fighter aircraft as a project leader/facilitator in the product/process engineering area developed detailed sub processes and tasks identifying gaps and changes required to achieve performance improvement. Utilized the concepts of simultaneous engineering and design for manufacturability as foundations for change. Defined technology enablers including various CAD/CAM/CAE applications. Defined various project portfolios in various areas including loads generation, bills of materials, integrated product definition, prototype development and information flow between aerodynamics, weights, stress, structures, design, planning, tooling, N.C. programming, computer aided logistics support (CALS) . Linked the project benefits to the overall strategic vision objective.
  • Review of the Operations at a Plastics Component Manufacturer – For a plastics component manufacturer, carried out an operations management productivity audit of the Engineering division. They utilized an advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system (Graftek) to design products and injection moulds. As a result of the audit we determined that the low level of productivity improvement was a lack of systems and process management training. Developed a framework for a training program which was accepted and implemented by the company. Developed detailed project plans including tasks, budgets, milestones, schedules and resource requirements.
  • Review of a Sports Goods Manufacturer – Conducted an operations management review of a sports goods manufacturer for a major bank. Included assessing the utilization of an MRP II (Honeywell manufacturing system), plant layout, industrial/manufacturing engineering, housekeeping materials management and management personnel. This was part of an overall review of the corporation which included finance, marketing and distribution operations. Defined areas for improvement and a directional plan.
  • Review of a Machine Shop – Conducted a review of the machine shop of an international steel manufacturers distribution division. Analyzed methods engineering and management practices in the milling and grinding operations. Developed directional plans to improve performance including training programs in manufacturing technology, justification of the purchase of a milling machining centre to replace grinding, planning and control systems and new manpower requirements.
  • Developed Strategic Plan for Manufacturing Systems Marketing Group – Assisted in the strategic planning process of a manufacturing systems corporate marketing group within the information systems division. Involved the design of an organization to implement the business plan, the selection of products to bring to the marketplace, and a definition of the programs involved to support the business plan, including: promotional work, suport staff required, sales training required, and sales strategies.

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