Ron Hume Radio 12 Oct 2022V2

Today on your show our topic is: “How I lost $25M..discovered business success and found true Happiness”. This show is built around a book written by Ron Hume, Mosaic Press 2022. The book is the memoir of a radical mass-marketing entrepreneur. It is an autopsy of a super successful serial entrepreneur told with honesty and a wry sense of humour, revealing intimate details of his journey to massive wealth and then experiencing a melt-down. This story spotlights essential life lessons for achieving happiness and fulfillment in business and in one’s personal life. I was a life lived in the fast lane hanging out with leaders from the business world, renowned celebrity professionals, and world-famous artists. This celebrity lifestyle flamed out within three-years after the 1987 stock market crash, and the internet transformed business practices.

Guests – Ron Hume. We are joined by 90-year-old Ron Hume the author of the book with the same title of the show. Ron is a writer, and owner of a digital marketing business. Ron claims he was genetically programmed to be an entrepreneur. He achieved success because he was able to identify unmet needs and his insights allowed him to build successful businesses. His career included Vice-President of McGraw Hill Canada, where he turned a successful educational publisher into a highly innovative, best-selling trade publisher. He then turned his entrepreneurial skills into building an empire of self-study publishing programs. At the pinnacle of his success, over 5,000,000 individuals in the US and in Canada enrolled in his Successful Investing and Money Management program. He followed that up with other hugely successful self-study programs. He had offices and warehouses in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Atlanta with over 200 employees.

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