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Business Transformation is about deploying new work systems in the form of software, processes, organizational changes, or physical changes to the enterprise. The degree to which this is successful depends on the readiness of a companies employees to adapt to the change. This will require a different set of skills not usually available in the typical organization. Most engineering / manufacturing companies refer to these skills as the ³soft stuff². It has been stressed many times that it is this area where deployment failures occur. There are many well documented case studies on this issue. Our business transformation tools and materials can help you succeed in deploying new work systems right the first time. Available materials are as follows:
  • Brief primers or white papers are provided to introduce concepts and to help you identify what is missing on your project. In addition, they will help trigger ideas that you may not have thought of and help avoid costly errors. They ultimately will help trigger the need to take action the right direction.

  • Documented management tools and techniques which can help you perform the work of deployment. For example, we can provide a structured approach to performing an organizational readiness review. A primer would be issued to trigger the need for the review, and the "how to" will be provided. We can deliver the "How To's" by e-mail followed with personal coaching.

  • Training material in the form of workshops are also available to arm your staff with the necessary skills to perform the deployment work. For example, workshop material on Effective organizational teamwork is available. This consists of both a coaching guide and the workshop material. We can coach your key staff to effectively use and deliver this material.
In the following sections, we outline the areas where we can provide support. We list the items by the areas described above.

Brief Primers & White Papers

The following primers are available and will serve to provide a brief overview on a subject. They are from 2-6 pages in length and are very easy to read. The cost for each paper is $20.

  • Attacking cost at its roots
  • Overview Automation tools in design
  • Benchmark Product Development
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Computer Aided process planning
  • Consensus decision making
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design for the lifecycle
  • Design to Cost
  • DFM Guidelines
  • Implementing IPD Lessons Learned
  • Improving the Prod Dev Process
  • Benchmarking best practice
  • IPD bibliography
  • IPD Glossary of terms
  • IPD Management leadership
  • IPD Principles
  • IPD Team CO-location
  • IPD Workshops
  • IPD definitions
  • Product Development Metrics
  • Production Definition Overview
  • QFD Overview
  • Re Engineering Guidelines
  • Robust Design of Experiments
  • Strategic Approach to IPD
  • Suppliers The competitive edge
  • Target Costing
  • Team Leader responsibilities
  • Time to Market & Resource Management
  • Value Analysis
  • Detail Strategic plan approach
  • Benchmarking
  • IPD Implementation Plan Guidelines
  • Organizational Readiness Review
  • Re-design Charter
  • ERP Overview
  • Concurrent Product Development
  • Justifying DFM/A
  • PDM overview presentation
  • IPD management involvement
  • Overview of the Change Management Approach

Deployment Transformation Management Tools

The Following is a set of Tools which we have developed over the past 8 years and have successfully used in business transformation programs. The cost for each document ranges from $300 to $2000. Each will be costed on a case by case basis. We can tailor these materials to each business situation.

Business Transformation approach

  • Developing a transition strategy
  • High level overview of change management
  • Case studies example
Cultural Readiness/Diagnosis
  • Change Readiness overview
  • Change Readiness tool kit
  • Organizational Change questionnaire
  • Cultural Assessment Case study (for viewing only)
  • Approach to formally assessing the BPR initiative
  • Executive Commitment Reality check approach
Assessing the business transformation Roadmap (direction)
  • Road map critical questions
  • An effective road map approach
  • Key Stockholder Analysis Approach
The politics of Performing a major change Initiative
  • Art of avoiding political minefields
  • Managing Political Conflict
  • Lessons Learned from Organizational change programs
  • Powerplay tools
  • The Unwritten Rules of Change
Risk Management Approach
  • Risk Management Overview
  • Risk Management Toolkit
Program Management
  • Red Team Approach to building quality into the project
  • BPR Governance Approach
  • Business Case
  • BPR Communications Framework
  • Communications Guide
  • Communications Messages & Timing
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Identifying Strategic Performance Measures
  • Performance Measures in a process environment.


Training Materials & Workshops

Effective Organizational Teamwork

  • Managing Meetings/Workshops
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Providing Constructive feedback
  • Listening Skills
  • Measurement
Change Agent Training
  • Skills for making a powerful contribution
  • Basic Change Agent training
  • Change Management Orientation
  • Deployment planning guidelines
  • Preparing to Implement change
  • The role of the internal consultant
  • The role of the external consultant
  • IPT charter roles and responsibilities
Facilitator Training
  • Advanced Facilitator Skills/Tools
  • Job of the facilitator
  • Facilitator kick off games
  • Facilitator Assessment
Process Re-Engineering Methods Workshops
  • Conduct a kick off meeting
  • Developing a workplan
  • Establishing mission & goals
  • Communication workshop
  • Early wins project execution
  • Identifying Customer needs
  • Process Costing
  • Process Flow & Mapping
  • Performance Management workshop
  • Performance targets workshop
  • Problem solving workshop
  • Process Vision Guide
  • Problem solving tools description
  • Future state visioning workshop
  • Process Re-design guide.
The above resources will only be of value if you use them in a deliberate way. We are available to coach you to use the materials in your organization. This will give you the leverage to achieve improvements through your own people.

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