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Management Strategies for Applying Product Development
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Material Requirements Planning

Integrated Product Development/Concurrent Engineering (IPD/CE)


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How To Plan Engineering Systems Strategy
Organizational Impacts
Applying Business Practices to Engineering Systems
Systems Use
Technology Issues

The following publications are available:

How To Plan Engineering Systems Strategy

  • How to link to Corporate Strategy
  • Planning Engineering Systems for the Factory of the Future
  • Understanding Engineering Systems Strategic Importance to the enterprise
  • A Strategic Approach to Engineering Systems Planning
  • Management Considerations in Engineering System Implementation
Organizational Impacts
  • Guidelines for Assigning Engineering Systems Management Responsibilities
  • How To Maximize Engineering Systems Acceptance and Use
  • How To Track the Development of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Applying Business Practices to Engineering Systems
  • A Method for Evaluating Engineering Systems Applications Opportunities
  • How To Formulate Realistic Expectations of Systems Benefits
  • Engineering Systems Justification and Follow-Up
  • Strategic Cost Analysis: A Case Study for Differentiating Cost Analysis and Control

Systems Use
Systems Implementation

  • Policies and Procedures for Efficient Engineering Systems Use
  • Implementing Computer-Aided Process Planning
  • Keys to Implementing Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • FMS Scheduling and Control
Ongoing Support
  • How To Customize Engineering Systems Software
  • How To Plan for System Growth and Evolution
  • System Support Considerations for Engineering Systems Managers
  • Policies for System Implementation and Use
Managing the Database
  • Developing and Implementing an Engineering System Data Distribution Strategy
  • Solving Data Management Problems
  • Database Management and Factory Automation: A Management Perspective
  • How To Develop a Computer-Aided Design and Material Requirements Planning Interface
Training and Staffing
  • How To Develop and Deliver an Engineering Systems Training Program
  • Cooperative Training: A Case History of an Industry and College Partnership


Technology Issues
Specification and Evaluation Techniques

  • Preparing Technical Specifications for Engineering Systems
  • Using Benchmark Tests for Engineering Systems Evaluation
  • Assessing the Feasibility of an Automated Testing System
  • Evaluating Engineering Systems - Analysis and Feasibility Study
  • How To Develop the Request for Proposal
  • Tools and Techniques for Production Scheduling and Control

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