Mike Burz 16June2021

Today on your show our topic is “The Mind of the Inventor”. Most of us hold a wide variety of misconceptions about what an inventor is or does. We often think of someone who creates something new that has never existed before – out of thin air. Inventors are not people who come up with new things we never had, they simply search for new possibilities, and can pull inspiration from the work of others to advance something used, or believed to a new place. Inventors sometimes work in the physical world, creating new advancements in exiting tools or technology, or in the theoretical world, creating new concepts, systems, ideas or even just proposing new theories. The way we approach inventing is a delusion. Inventors don’t invent so much as they discover. Today we dive into the minds of the inventors.

Guest Mike Burz

Mike Burz is based in Northern California. He is a Senior executive with deep innovation experience leading teams in both high-tech startups and Fortune 500 companies. Roles range from founder of energy storage startup to program manager of race car design team. His background in aerospace, defense, automotive, energy storage, software. He founded a company to investigate electric vehicle technologies (lightweight structures, grid integration, batteries). He development team and business case for a new type of 3D zinc sponge battery using technology developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory. Motivated to use design/delivery experience to produce profit making products that result in a greener planet. He holds a BSc Aero Engineering from Cal Polytechnic State University, and a MSc in Aerospace engineering from California state university – San Diego.

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