MIE463 Integrated Systems Design

MIE463 Integrated Systems Design (Business Process management) 4th Year undergraduate)

Course Description:

Integrated System Design is a capstone course that integrates the various perspectives of an integrated system taught in the third year, including: Optimization, Quality, Management, Information, and Economics. The course approaches integrated systems design from a Business Process Management (BPM) perspective. Beginning with the Business Processes, it explores the concept of developing an Integrated Enterprise, via Business Process Design at an Enterprise level. We apply systems thinking to Strategy, Value Chains and Processes, Metrics and Design Heuristics. In the second half of the course, the concept of business process design is extended to incorporate Industrial Engineering perspectives such as cost, productivity, quality, and organization behaviour. BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is used to document business processes. Our perspective is based on past research and hands on practice in applying business process management methods to a variety of enterprises across many sectors.

Fall 2017

  • Team 1 AMD Chip Mfg
  • Team 2 GTA Transit
  • Team 3 Nestle
  • Team 4 Freshco
  • Team 5 – Caretaker Service
  • Team 6 Canada Post
  • Team 7 Bombardier
  • Team 8 – UofT Undergrad Experience
  • Team 9 – UG Elevator
  • Team 10 – UPS Fedex
  • Team 11 Magna
  • Team 12 – MIE 463 Electric Utility Business Process Management
  • Team 13 – St Mikes Hospiatl A&E Operations Improvement
  • Team 14-MIE463 – Beverage
  • Team 15 – TTC OperationsImproving Unplanned Delays for TTC
  • Team 16 Billy Bishop Airport Operations
  • Team 17 Loblaw Workforce Performance Measurement Process Improvement
  • Team 18 Thales Software
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