Megan Maloney 22 July2020

Megan Maloney is a Canadian engineer who grew up in the Isle of Man and London Ontario. She studied structural engineering and earned a Bachelors and Masters degree from Western University. After completing her masters degree in 2018 she moved to Dublin, Ireland to join the graduate scheme at a global engineering firm where she has been working as a rail alignment engineer. Since moving to Dublin she has spent the majority of her weekends on city breaks in European capitals, like most millennials she enjoys travelling.

Today on your show we talk about “Engineering education, and training as a way of thinking in Day to Day Living”. Back in March 2020 during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic I was flying back to Toronto from Dublin. I had arrived at the airport 3 hours early and I spent the time cleaning up the data in my Iphone. Then it was time to board the aircraft. In all the dram I let my Iphone where I was sitting. I discovered on the plane what I had done but I could not leave the plane. The flight attendants tried to find the phone it did not work. And this young woman sitting a row from me helped me by teaching me to use my Apple lap tap to make the iphone make sounds outside in the terminal. They tried a second time and they found the phone with a minute to spare before closing the door. Her systematic approach was amazing – it was an engineer teaching an engineer – it worked. I was very impressed – at our collaboration

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