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Today on your show our topic is: “Behind the Veil – A Photographic journey into the Plight of the Homeless”.

According to USA government data, 580,000 people experience
homelessness in one night. 35,000 face homelessness in Canada in any given night
including 10,000 in Toronto alone. This only tells us our countries are facing a
homelessness crisis of crippling proportions. For the fourth consecutive year homelessness
is increasing. There are many reasons why people become homeless – loss of
employment, family break-up, family violence, mental illness, poor physical health,
substance use, physical, sexual or emotional abuse just to name a few. Now what do we
know about these people when we walk past them in the street – nothing. Our guest set on
a journey to bring light to the homeless – to unpack the drama of lives of some homeless
people – to humanize the homeless.

Guest– Leah Denbok. We are joined by Leah Denbok, a fashion and portrait
photographer. She studied photography for several years until earning her degree.
Leah currently lives and works out of Toronto, Ontario and Mallorca, Spain along with her
partner and their black cat Mr. Felix. She also has a humanitarian project called
Humanizing The Homeless for which she has published the books, Nowhere to Call
Home—Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness, Volumes
One, Two, Three, and Four. Her work is featured in CBS, BBC, MTV, Vogue Italia,
CBC, Corriere Della Sera, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Family Channel, CTV, Chatelaine,
TVO, Global News, Breakfast Television, Victoria News, Rogers Television, Blog TO,
Flannel Magazine, Mob Journal PAP Magazine.

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