Josh Fowke 19th January 2022

Measuring “C Level” Talent Capabilities?

Managing transformational change requires a special kind of thinking that we can call “higher level thinking”. Various scholars over the years have developed models to codify and measure the levels of thinking from a basic supervisor to the CEO of a global MNC. It’s all about managing increased complexity from one level to the next. One of the first models to measure work complexity, and capability is Elliott Jacques requisite organization model which defines 8 levels called Stratum. The progress through higher levels means managing organization by thinking about the longer time horizon. Higher level thinking is required to make decision when outcomes are more unpredictable.

Guest – Josh Fowke. Today we hear from Josh Fowke who is building a business that specializes in applying these capability measurement models to assess executives against various roles in industry. Joshua Fowke is the founder of Tuzzle, a company that assesses human capability, particularly for C-Suite leadership. He has experience as a consultant working on organization design and cultural transformation. Josh studied Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Ryerson University in Toronto. His interests include talent development, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, how societies evolve, and a newfound fascination with computer science.

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