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Today on your show our topic is: “The Skills Gap In Canada – a 50 year old problem”.
There is widespread agreement that the labour force in Canada is changing, and that the changes will accelerate as baby boomers enter retirement, carbon-emitting industries are replaced by green jobs and we look to a post-COVID economic recovery. There is considerable evidence to suggest that there is a large and growing talent gap in the country, with many jobs going unfilled because employers can’t find people with the right skills to fill them. The federal government seems ready to move away from discussing the problem and toward promoting a solution to support the transition. How do we solve the mismatch between the available jobs and a workforce with the required skills?

Guests – Jaswinder Bhatti. We are joined by Jaswinder Bhatti who is VP of Applications Engineering at Samco Machinery located in Toronto. Jaswinder immigrated to Canada from the Punjab in 1985 after graduating with a degree in geography. He grew up in a farm in Punjab. He took an early interest in machine shop technology and upon arrival he got a job with Samco as a laborer. He took night classes at Centennial College. He believes is strong Punjabi work ethic has made him successful in Canada. Well it certainly has paid of given his success at Samco.

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