Integrated Product Development/Concurrent Engineering (Ipd/Ce)


Our problem solving services in this subject cover the area of improving the product development process. We can address the application of information technology to the engineering function. This is seen from both a management and a practitioner perspective. Addressed are the Project Management, Technology Management, and Organizational Issues in implementing a Virtual Product Development environment.

  • Management Strategies for Applying IT to Product Development
    Engineering Systems Management Strategies provides senior corporate management, engineering managers, and technical personnel with an understanding of CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and offers guidelines for applying, integrating, and managing these technologies successfully.
  • Integrated Product Development Best Practices
    Listed are case studies which describe the practical approach to implementing Integrated Product Development, Concurrent Engineering, and Design for Manufacturability.
  • Lessons Learned in Aerospace Companies
    This subject area will address practical experiences gained implementing IPD on aerospace (military & civil) engineering programs.