Innovation in the Mining Industry-1May2019

“Innovation in the Mining Industry – 1 May 2019”.

Today on your show we focus on “Disruptive Innovation in the Mining Industry”. Globally, the Canadian mining industry is recognized for its leadership and innovation in safety and sustainability. Mining companies in Canada were the first in the world to develop an externally-verified performance system for sustainable mining practices with the creation of MAC’s “Towards Sustainable Mining” initiative in 2004. Mining represented a gross domestic product of $97 billion or 5% of Canada’s total nominal GDP in 2017. Canadian mining employed 634,000 people in 2017 throughout urban, rural and remote regions.
Today we hear about one companies innovation efforts in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mining operations

Today we hear from Engineers, Dr Sohail Nazari, and Arthur Gooch of Andritz, a global multinational engineering company delivering technology solutions to the primary resource industries including mining, pulp and paper, metals, and chemicals. In the first half of the show Sohail will discuss the importance of mining to Canada, and in the second half we hear from Arthur Gooch on how Andritz is innovating in AI and machine learning in the Mining sector. They are both licensed professional engineers. Sohail has a PhD in electrical engineering from U of A and Arthur has a MEng from UBC. They each have just over a decade of professional experience in industrial controls. Arthur has been at Andritz since graduation, while Sohail worked for Honeywell. Their paths overlapped in the AI field. Both have built an AI career on very conventional engineering disciplines.

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