IN Simon Duffy 27 Oct 2021

Today on your show our topic is: “Trends and practices in the advertising industry”. The advertising industry is going through big changes as technology changes upend consumer habits and where and how marketers reach them. Apple and Google phasing out third-party cookies threatens to upend longstanding ad targeting practices. The acceleration of streaming TV and online shopping have fueled new sellers of advertising. These trends have fueled new agencies specializing in digital advertising and led to a flurry of deals and investment in ad tech companies. The ad industry is in the mist of massive disruptive change….

Todays Guest. Simon Duffy is an internationally awarded Creative Director, with experience creating and transforming some of the biggest brands in the UK, Canada and the US. He launched the advertising method known as ‘Disruption’ in Canada, and has spent the last twenty years influencing the way agencies approach creative problem solving. During this time his work has appeared on the ‘World’s funniest commercials’ TV show, featured in film festivals and has been exhibited at the ROM.
Simon continues to create and influence brands at his media arts lab,

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