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Today on your show our topic is: “A Career in Trading Precious Metals”.
Precious metals have always been used as means of exchange between traders and as a store of wealth, with gold being the metal most commonly used for this purpose. Today there are many ways to invest and trade in gold and other precious metals. There are generally taken to be four main precious metals to trade: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These all have a range of applications, not just as a historical store of money or for their use in jewelry, but also in industry, electronics, medicines and as alloys.

Guests – Jerry Correia. We are joined by Jerry Correia who is a trader at Guildhall Wealth Management. A metal trader is, in short, a company that deals, on a professional level, with the purchase and sale of precious metals, mainly gold, and silver, but also with the sale of other types of less valuable metals. Jerry is VP of Sales and has been with firm for 9 years, helping people protect and grow their wealth is his passion.

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