IN Greenhaulgh 5th Aug 2020

Traditional news media — newspapers, magazines and television news organizations — are testing novel responses to stem the steady losses of their subscribers, viewers and advertisers. Newspapers in particular face an uphill battle.
Beyond cost-cutting measures like reducing staff, pulling back coverage and shrinking the size of their printed products, news organizations are sharing work with longtime rivals, using amateurs as volunteer reporters and moving heavily or totally online. They’re also turning to new and untested methods for raising income.

Bill Greenhaldgh (2 mins) has executive experience in diverse range of industries including nuclear, petroleum, media, telecommunications and business to business. He was born and spent his early childhood in Derry, Northern Ireland. He was President of variety of international public and private organizations including Globe and Mail, Cinram International, Shredit and Human Resources Professionals Assoc. Currently CEO of Stratx Inc, advising companies on strategy and leadership. Board memberships include (past) The Scarborough Hospital, Toronto Symphony and numerous national and international associations. Currently, member of the Canadian Palliative Care Assoc Champions Council and government appointee as Vice Chair of Ontario Public Accountants Council. He holds, a BSc Engineering, University of Southampton, UK and a MBA from the London Business School, and is a Chartered Director (UK). He is also a graduate of Aspen Leadership Institute and Harvard Exec programs.

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