IN-Dom Spragg-Aviation-June 28 2023

Today on your show our topic is: “Sustainable Aviation – Facts, lies and fiction”
According to NASA, Aviation needs to be sustainable so the environment can be protected, the economy can grow, and people can continue to connect in person quickly across long distances thanks to the marvel of air travel. With today’s aircraft fleet and operational efficiency, the estimated worldwide air traffic in 2050 would require more than 620 megatons of fuel and generate close to 2,000 megatons of carbon dioxide emissions. Now what if we could support the same level of demand while reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2050? There are three main ways to make aviation sustainable: 1) Efficient aircraft technology – Needing less energy to fly means either using less fuel or, for electric aircraft, less power that must be sourced elsewhere. This means lower lifecycle emissions for the entire time an aircraft is in use. 2) Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). SAF doesn’t release new CO2 into the environment. Additionally, it’s been shown to reduce contrails that can trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. 3) Operations and infrastructure – Using less energy on the ground or by choice of flight paths also reduces fuel burned and saves money.

Dominique Spragg
Today we hear from Dominique Spragg who is an accomplished leader in the aerospace industry, specializing in integrated operations, business development and sustainable technologies. With experience ranging from CEO roles in sustainable aviation startups to strategic planning and operations management, Dominique has made significant contributions across North America, Europe, Russia, and China.
Dominique is currently consulting in the sustainable aviation space, with companies ranging from Advanced Air Mobility (AMM) start-ups to Fortune 100 multi-national companies exploring alternative propulsion and sustainable aviation fuels.
Dominique’s holds an Aerospace Engineering degree, an MBA, and an IFR pilot Private Pilot License.

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