IN Andre Mech Part 2-4th Oct17

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    Today on your show we focus on Anthropogenic climate change, is it a hoax? Continued Part II. The global warming controversy concerns the public debate over whether global warming is occurring, how much has occurred in modern times, what has caused it, what its effects will be, whether any action should be taken to curb it, and if so what that action should be. In the scientific literature, there is a strong consensus that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and that the trend is caused by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases.

    Andre Mech Introduction

    Today we hear from Andre Mech Environmental Engineer who has been a climate change proponent for the past 25 years. Andre works in the areas of electrical generation, emission reduction, energy efficiency project evaluation, project development, finance, management, verification, including carbon offset generation activities to minimizing climate change. He has direct experience with carbon related planning in the commercial institutional building sector, transportation sector and combined heat and power sector. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences. He is interested in all energy efficiency, emission reducing and power production work, including any related activities, education and outreach. He currently works on projects in Climate Neutral Combined Heat and Power Generation, Mobile Emission Measurement, District Heating and Emission Credit Measurement, Registration and Sale. He holds a BEng Mech Eng from the Royal Military College Canada and an MBA from Western University.


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