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Today on your show our topic is: “Scientists are sounding the alarm. Green is taking off” fossil fuels will be replaced by alternatives within 15 years, by a mixture of green fuels and electricity. Some governments are taking strong positions and moving whole economies in totally new directions. Some are moving fast while others are straggling along. Europe has taken bold action, followed by Canada with and the United States. Other countries are lagging. What does this mean for Europe? What does this mean for Canada? What does this mean for the United States? What does it mean for the rest of the world.

Andre Mech
Today we hear from Andre Mech Environmental Engineer who has been a climate change proponent for the past 25 years. Andre was last on the show in January 2020 – “Disruption in the Global Auto Industry”. Andre works in the areas of electrical generation, emission reduction, energy efficiency project evaluation, project development, finance, management, verification, including carbon offset generation activities to minimizing climate change. He has direct experience with carbon related planning in the commercial institutional building sector, transportation sector and combined heat and power sector. He is a regular speaker at national and international energy conferences. He holds a BEng Mech Eng from the Royal Military College Canada and an MBA from Western University.

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