Hatem and Hassan 16 Oct 19

Immigrating to Canada in the 21st CenturyThe Story of Two Graduate Engineers from the Middle East
Our guests today are Hatem Elagouz and Hassan Masoudi. Hassan is graduate with an M.Eng degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. He completed a B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering at Coventry University in partnership with Emirates Aviation University in Dubai. Hassan started his career as an aircraft technician before moving to the oil and gas industry in 2014. His interest in management consulting developed as a result of projects with ccompanies such as Shell and BP. Moving to Canada helped him develop an entrepreneur mindset due to the interaction with a diverse culture and different mind sets. Outside of his professional life, he plays soccer, socializing, and traveling.
Hatem is an Egyptian graduate student from the University of Toronto. He came to Canada in 2011, after completing his Cambridge GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Kuwait. He joined the University of Toronto as an undergraduate mechanical engineering student. During undergrad, he was part of a coop program, where he joined General Electric as Mechanical Engineering Intern. Later, he joined Ernst and Young as a Management Consulting Intern. He completed his bachelor’s in 2016, and followed it by a Master’s in Engineering in 2017. Currently, he works as an IT Consultant at the Royal Bank of Canada. Hatem hobbies are soccer, squash, reading and cooking.

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