Geoff Fernie 18th Oct 2023

Today on your show we focus on “engineering practical solutions to everyday health issues” We will discuss the work on the reduction of falls which are the scourge of growing into old age. Biomedical engineering’s multidisciplinary nature has a critical role to play in meeting this challenge. It is a relatively new, distinctive, and multidisciplinary field that merges concepts in engineering to solve a wide and diverse array of problems tied to human health. Falls are a major safety concern, especially in older people. Approximately 28-35 % of people aged of 65 and above fall at least once every year. Bio-Med Engineering is also tackling prevention in the spread of disease.

Part 1 – Professor Geoff Fernie
Professor Geoff Fernie develops technologies to prevent injury and disease. He is the CEO of Hygienic Echo which is the start-up addressing infection prevention. He has developed innovative mobility products, non-slip winter footwear and improvements to building codes. Geoff has been responsible for many products that assist people’s independence as well as their safety, including innovative wheelchairs and bathroom aids. In recent years Geoff’s focus has shifted to preventing the transmission of infections which he thinks are a growing threat to the world. Geoff holds various professorship in engineering and medicine at the UofT. He also led the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute at University Health Network from 2003 to 2017 retiring continuing to hold Emeritus Scientist position. Geoff is a licensed P.Eng in Ontario and a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, UK. He holds a PhD from Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland. He was elected as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in 2020.

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