Folly Folly-Gah 28 Dec 2022

Today on your show our topic is: “Africa the next Frontier”. By 2040 Africa will have a larger workforce than China or India, and overlooked development opportunity so says multiple speakers at various Africa Forums going back the past 12 years. While new coverage of the area is often focused on political unrest, conflicts, poverty, drought — Africa is in fact doing just as well as, if not better than, other developing regions of the world. This was the message from more than a dozen entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capitalists speaking at the Stanford University Africa Forum conference back in 2011. These natives and ex-patriots alike agreed that the 50-plus nations comprising Africa represent remarkable opportunities for local, regional, and international business enterprises to do well while doing good. We get updated by one these ex-patriots today.

Guests – Folly Folly-Gah. We are joined by Folly Folly-Gah who is president of IDC (International Dynamic Consultants) a management consulting company with offices in Dallas Fort Worth and Côte d’Ivoire. He is also the leader of PHC (Progressive Heritage Corporation) a holding company that is focused on facilitating development, accelerating growth and achieving sustainable competitive advantages primarily for emerging market small and middle companies. IDC also has IDC Academy where it specializes in skill sets training (welding, machining, assembly, etc…)

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