• Development of a Directional Plan To Re-implement an MRP II System in a Electrical Equipment Manufacturer – Reviewed an MRP II implementation effort that was off track. Identified several initiatives to turn around the implementation including executive involvement, project planning and management, training, education, and preparation projects (BOM, Routings, Inventory Accuracy). Assisted with the execution of the plan. Product & Process Design Engineering
  • Development of Functional Spec For MRP II System at a Compact Disc Manufacturer – For a manufacturer of compact discs, cassettes and records, developed a functional specification and RFP for an MRP II system. Interviewed various functional managers to identify requirements. Included all manufacturing and financial functions. Conducted MRP II education sessions for middle and senior management.
  • Review of a Sports Goods Manufacturer – Conducted an operations management review of a sports goods manufacturer for a major bank. Included assessing the utilization of an MRP II (Honeywell manufacturing system), plant layout, industrial/manufacturing engineering, housekeeping materials management and management personnel. This was part of an overall review of the corporation which included finance, marketing and distribution operations. Defined areas for improvement and a directional plan.
  • MRP II Requirements Definition at an International Electrical Equipment Manufacturer – For an international electrical equipment (Switchgear) manufacturer assisted with developing a requirements definition for an MRP II system. Resulted in the acquisition of the Honeywell Manufacturing System. As a project leader set up work centres, routings, administration centres, tooling files, product structures, lead times, ordering parameters, and shop floor paperwork/control. Conducted a pilot project to perform acceptance tests and identify systems enhancements.
  • Development of MRP System Procedures at an International Electrical Equipment Manufacturer – For an international electrical equipment (Switchgear) manufacturer developed a production and operations management procedures manual based on MRP System functionality. This manual formed the master reference guide for all areas of the company to perform day to day work. Areas covered included MPS, MRP, CRP, SFC, BOM/Routing, Production Planning, Purchasing and Order Entry.
  • Development of a Requirements Definition For MRP II System at Job Shop – For a high precision aerospace machine shop, conducted a requirements definition and developed a functional specification for a contract oriented MRP II system provided an MRP II education program for middle and senior management.
  • Review MRP II System for aircraft landing gear manufacturer – Reviewed INFOFLOW MRP System, including all manufacturing modules. The company was ready to replace the system. Determined system functionality was fine, but training and procedures were very poor! Identified strategies to re-implement the system successfully. The recommendations were acted upon and the system was successfully utilized.