Enterprise Systems Education Services Offered by AMGI


  1. Major Education Service Features
  2. Executive Education
  3. Project Team/Management Education

1. Major Education Service Features

  • All education is tailored to your industry so that only relevant subjects are covered.
  • Sessions are customized to your own company using data from your operations.
  • The cost is not dependent on attendees. Any number up to 25 is feasible.
  • Sessions are scheduled to suit your schedule at your site.

2. Executive Education

1/2 Day Executive Overview

This overview of Enterprise Systems focuses on the role of the executives during implementation and the key success factors for implementation. An overview of the core functions and the basic mechanics is provided. The role of systems in performance improvements is also described.

1 Day Executive Overview

Our day long program provides more detail on benefits analysis, organization of the project internally and preparation for implementation. Key functions such as forecasting, master production scheduling, finite production scheduling, and material requirements planning are also covered, depending on your specific needs and priorities.

2 Day Executive Simulation Program

Using actual company product data and your current systems, we involve key functional managers as leaders to help develop a simulation of what running an Enterprise System would be like at your company. Illustrations of the output are presented by your own personnel to help executives appreciate the difference between the way you operate now and the use of an integrated business system.

3. Project Team/Management Education

Specialized Session Packages (per session)

To maximize the benefit and retention of education, we offer short 2 to 3 hour comprehensive sessions, several times per week, or back to back in 1 or 2 day sessions. This approach minimizes burn out, is less expensive than other alternatives and is least disruptive to the work environment. It also allows participants to start identifying issues, and initiate some preparation steps concurrently with the sessions. This creates tangible and valuable benefits even before implementation starts. The selection of topics includes:

  1. ERP Overview
  2. Current Systems Review Approach
  3. Current Systems Performance Assessment Approach
  4. Project Organization
  5. Cost Benefit Analysis
  6. Sales Forecasting
  7. Distribution Requirements Planning
  8. Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  9. Production Scheduling
  10. Bill of Materials and Routings (Formulations)
  11. Inventory Control
  12. Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  13. Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
  14. Process Capability Measurement
  15. Production Activity Control
  16. Automated Data Collection
  17. Purchasing
  18. Quality Management
  19. Cost Accounting
  20. Cost Estimating and Pricing
  21. Cost of Quality
  22. ABC Costing
  23. Team-Based Organizational Development in ERP
  24. Successful Implementation and Planning
  25. Inventory Accuracy Improvement Process
  26. Policy and Procedure Development
  27. CIM Planning
  28. CAD/CAM Management Overview
  29. CAD/CAM Implementation

1 to 3 Day ERP Mechanics Workshops

More in depth workshops are offered for most of the above subjects. We customize these for the industry (aerospace, automotive, food processing, chemical, etc.). In addition, we can shape these to the individual company and its products at minimal additional cost. The objective of these workshops is to guide the project team’s work in the area in question (structuring bills of material for example). We can combine these with software package training if appropriate.

Other Major IMS/ERP Services

  • Manufacturing System Diagnostic
  • Planning and Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Requirements Definition and System Selection
  • Contract Negotiation Advise
  • Accuracy Improvement Methodology
  • MRP II/ERP Implementation or Re-implementation

Whether you are beginning a new systems implementation or re-implementing an existing system, it is necessary to ensure your people have both conceptual education and detailed hands-on training. Remember, 80% of manufacturing systems implementation failures are the result of a lack of education and training. Contact AMGI by email to help avoid failure.