Emerging Tech Show 3-18 May 2022

Today on your show our topic is: “Part 3 – Governing Emerging Tech – The need for an Engineer General”. In Show 1 – We used Cyber Systems Security as our example of new technology that has emerged in the last 75 years. They can be beneficial or harmful depending on how we use them. In Show #2 we extended this idea to the 30 to 100 new practices of applied science and engineering that have emerged in the last 75 years. We concluded Show #2 by proposing a government Commission be created to formulate a plan on how to create new acts and delegate authority to some 300,000 to 500,000 Ontario practitioners in these applied science and engineering fields. Show #2 emphasized the accelerating pace of change. Software Engineering did not exist in 1922 when the Ontario profession was formed. Consider, that 90% of scientists that have ever lived, are alive today. The automobile is a good example of displacing the horse and buggy. Today in our 3rd show we focus on action – what does Canada need to do to govern emerging tech?

Guests – Peter DeVita (2 mins). We are joined by two guests today; Peter DeVita P.Eng, and Dr Ray Barton PhD. Peter is a licensed P.Eng and is past president of the Professional Engineers Ontario in 2001. Peter founded his electronics manufacturing company in 1977. He is currently president of Engineers for the profession. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto holding a BASc & MASc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He also holds an MBA from York University with focus on Marketing and Economics. Dr Ray Barton Secretary of Engineers for the Profession Inc. As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Dr. Barton is CEO of Vitesse Reskilling, and Vice President Enercom Canada. Prior experience includes working at Bell labs, New Jersey. He holds a MBA and Phd.

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