Danny Marks IN 15th June 2022

Today on your show our topic is: “Innovation in Arts and Entertainment – The Journey of a Passionate Toronto blues Musician and Broadcaster”. All modern music is influenced by the Blues. Today, you can see a lot of varieties in music and there is a wide range to enjoy and experience. It can be from R&B to hip-hop and to jazz. To date, all the genres have earned their own fans and they have also earned special experiences. There are a lot of musicians that are trying everything to provide the best through tweaking the existing styles. These combinations have resulted in producing remarkable music. Thanks to the tweaking and experimentations by these legends, at the end of the day, fans are gifted with nothing but the best. Today we hear about the career of a Toronto Blues Musician legend whose began his remarkable journey in the 1960’s.

Guests – Danny Marks. We are joined by Danny Marks, Musician, broadcaster, and entrepreneur and Toronto native. Beloved Toronto Musician and Broadcaster Danny Marks hit the big time as a teen in the 1960’s with Capitol Records group Edward Bear. Through the years as a journey man player his guitar skills won worldwide acclaim while his work in radio and TV hosting as well as club work keep him in the public eye. His latest single is Man on the Radio. Listen to Danny on JAZZ FM91 radio and watch his TV series Cities in Blue on BBC First.

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