Collaborative Product Development

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  • IPD Deployment for a Major Aerospace Defence Manufacturer – Assisted the Program Director, for an advanced fighter program, to deploy an already developed IPD approach to the program. Identified organizational barriers which existed and slowed IPD deployment. Identified strategies and factors to overcome the barriers. Acted as catalyst for change to move the organization forward. Led the foundation for a major transformation effort.
  • Assisted a Major Aerospace Defence Manufacturer to implement a PDM Software Package – Conducted a solutions demonstration lab on the IBM product manager PDM package with a team of cross-functional aerospace engineers. Identified the process changes, software changes, cultural/organizational implication. Assisted in establishing a structured approach to managing the project.
  • Identified Improvement Opportunities and Advanced Technology Applications To Reduce Product Development Cycle Time from 3 Years to 18 Months for a $15 Billion Fighter Aircraft Manufacturer – For the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical fighter aircraft as a project leader/facilitator in the product/process engineering area developed detailed sub processes and tasks identifying gaps and changes required to achieve performance improvement. Utilized the concepts of simultaneous engineering and design for manufacturability as foundations for change. Defined technology enablers including various CAD/CAM/CAE applications. Defined various project portfolios in various areas including loads generation, bills of materials, integrated product definition, prototype development and information flow between aerodynamics, weights, stress, structures, design, planning, tooling, N.C. programming, computer aided logistics support (CALS) . Linked the project benefits to the overall strategic vision objective.

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