Collaborative Product Development Workshop


  1. Introduction
  2. A Structured Approach
  3. Who Should Attend

1. Introduction

In the next five years North American Industry is expected to invest over $12 billion re-engineering the Engineering process. Yet over 70% of Process Re-engineering projects fail to make a positive return on the investment. The most common reasons for a failed re-engineering project are a project scope that has been cast too narrow, or lack of a structured, consistent approach.

Re-engineering the product definition process offers tremendous potential. Creativity and brilliance designed into a product early in the engineering process delivers value throughout the product’s life-cycle. The AMGI introductory seminar CPD Implementation Roadmap will give you the basics to make your implementation of CPD a success.

We will help you put your engineering activity into a structured process framework from Conceptual Design through Sustaining Production.

We will help you think through issues related to establishing a project structure that guarantees success.

Our experience implementing an Collaborative Product Development Process with manufacturers of engineered products has shown that there are three main steps to implementing CPD.

  • Identifying the Product Development Phases
  • Linking the Product Development Process with the project management process

Implementing using a participative concurrent engineering approach

2. A Structured Approach

The AMGI Collaborative Product Development Methodology (CPDM) offers a practical structure in which to re-engineer your Engineering activity. The methodology applies proven management tools to the Engineering Process. It is dedicated to transforming Engineers into Professional Managers providing them a business perspective. It teaches holistic thinking based on AMGI’s Collaborative Enterprise Framework.

Participants are shown how to define clear phases of Product Development, and how to use process thinking to manage development projects.

The AMGI Collaborative Product Definition Methodology is critical to building your management, and covers issues your management faces daily.

  • CPD Implementation Roadmap
  • Project Management within CPD
  • Using Concurrent Engineering Teams
  • Process Re-Engineering for CPD
  • Making CAD and PDM fit
  • CPD interface to MRP II
  • Management Development for CPD
  • Conducting Design Reviews
  • Risk Management using CPD
  • Utilizing Group Technology

3. Who Should Attend

The CPD Implementation Roadmap is the first course in the AMGI Collaborative Product Definition Methodology. It is a fast paced seminar aimed at the General Managers of manufacturers of engineered products, their senior Engineering Management and consultants.

Features of this course:

  • How to determine the critical phases of product development in your industry
  • How to establish a project management that supports CPD
  • How to structure an CPD initiative to ensure its full acceptance
  • How to capitalize on Process Re-engineering techniques
  • How to establish the key deliverables of your engineering activity
  • Provides a framework for managing the introduction of supporting technologies such as CAD and Product Data Management
  • Provides a comprehensive workshop where you use the CPD Methodology to bring a product to market.

If you require a tailored workshop on CPD contact AMGI by e-mail below.