CAD/CAM/CAE Implementation

  • Development Of Directional Plan For P.C. CAD System Application – For an electronic instrument manufacturer reviewed current utilization of P.C. based CAD systems and developed a directional plan to plan, acquire and implement a integrated CAD/CAE/CAM turnkey system.
  • Review Of A CAD/CAM/CAE System At A Plastics Component Manufacturer – For a plastics component manufacturer, carried out a CAD/CAM systems productivity audit of the Engineering division. They utilized an advanced CAD/CAM/CAE system (Graftek) to design products and injection moulds. As a result of the audit we determined that the low level of productivity improvement was a lack of training. Developed a framework for a training program which was accepted and implemented by the company. Developed detailed project plans including tasks, budgets, milestones, schedules and resource requirements.
  • Review Of CAD Software Vendor – Reviewed an Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) and facilities management CAD software vendor in Texas for a major bank to determine the capabilities of their system. Compared the system with others in the market place including functionality, hardware platform, and pricing.
  • Review Of GIS Vendor – Reviewed a Geographic Information Software vendor for a major bank, to determine the capabilities of their system. Conducted research in the marketplace for GIS systems and estimated the viability of the product.
  • Created Business Opportunities for CIM Applications – Carried out development and selling of CIM strategies/technologies including CAPP, FMS, MRP II, GT and CAD/CAM to various customers at both the conceptual and detailed level. Customers included General Electric, deHavilland, tooling job shops and general manufacturers.
  • Development of Requirements Definition for N.C. System at an Electrical Equipment Manufacturer – For an international electrical equipment (Switchgear) manufacturer, conducted a requirements definition for the integration of an N.C. programming system (General Electric) with a laser cutting punch press (TRUMPF with BOSCH controller).
  • Launched a Marketing Program for a 3D CAD System – Assisted in the launching of a 3D mechanical CAD system (Super CADS) to the marketplace. System Features included drafting, 3D wireframe and surface modelling. The platform was a personal computer. Included in the tasks were:

                         Selecting value added resellers (VARS)

                         Marketing the system at trade shows across North America

                          Liaison between the software build house in California and the VARS in Canada

                          Conducted Sales of PC based CAD System – Conducted a sales campaign

                          Presented CAD System (SuperCADS) to the military colleges across Canada.