APS1049 Management Consulting for Engineers-Working with Tier 1 MC Firms

Spring 2018 – (4 weeks intense)- Management Consulting for Engineers-Working with Tier 1 MC Firms (Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte)

Winter 2019 – (Full Semester) – Management Consulting for Engineers-Working with Tier 1 MC Firms (Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, and Boutique Firm)

  • Spring / Summer  2020 (Full Semester)
    • PWC  –Virtual remote collaboration tools adoption in times of crises  
    • PWCCompetitive Strategy for PWC after COVID-19 Pandemic
    • PWCCOVID-19 IMPLICATIONS FOR CANADA What sectors/ industries will experience a boom and decline after COVID-19 pandemic is on a decline?
    • Strategic Retreats Inc – Strategies for developing a footprint in Muskoka 
  • Fall 2020 – 100% Online (Full Semester)
    • PWCReal Estate, GTA & COVID-19: An In-depth Analysis
    • PWCReimagining the Mid to Luxury Automotive Manufacturer: Lexus’ Roadmap to tackle emerging technologies & effects of COVID19
    • CAMC / ICMCI: Strategies to Enhance the Affiliation of Management Consultants with their Professional Institutes
    • Ceridian: A study on the value & market drivers in the outsourced Human Capital Management (HCM) sector amidst the CV-19 induced global shift
  • Summer 2021 – 100% Online (Full Semester)
    • PWCManufacturing DigitizationHow Canadian manufacturers can remain competitive on a global scale
    • PWC- Vaccine Distribution – Lessons Learned
    • PWC- Within Grocery Retailers During COVID-19
    • Leadership Intelligence -Expanding a Boutique Management Consulting Business in Northern Ontario
    • ICMCI/CAMC – Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Management Consulting Industry
  • Fall 2021 – 100% Online (Full Semester)
    • DeloitteAugmented and Virtual Reality Applications in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
    • Deloitte – Transportation Electrification Strategy: Impact of the Electric Vehicle
    • PWC – Sustainable supply chains in the clothing industry
    • KPMGVirtual Health Care in Canada – Identifying Appropriate Incentives
  • Summer 2022 – 100% Online (Full Semester)

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