APS1028 Operations and Production Management

  • Winter 2020
    • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Supply Chain Management
    • AI Digital Twins- “living” simulation model designed to mirror some physical system in the real world (i.e. an airport, manufacturing plant, etc.)
    • Alibaba-It’s E-Commerce Business and Management Style
       – leading disruptive change in Operations Management
  • Summer 2020
    • Blockchain and Its Effect on the Food Industry
    • Manufacturing Ventilators in Canada During Covid-19.
    • A study and review of the operational methodologies for Waste management in Industrial Settings
    • Novell Cell phone recycling integration 
  • Winter 2021
    • Operations Management and Strategy Recommendations for Consumer Electric Vehicles
    • Operations Management Innovation at SpaceX: Making Space Accessible 
    • Applications of Industry 4.0 in operations and production management in the Automotive Sector
    • The Impact of AI on Operations at Sobeys Automated Fulfilment Centres
    • Continuous Improvement of Manufacturing Operations and Production Processes in Wire Production Plants of North America
  • Summer 2021
    • Operations Management in Healthcare Industry (Chain of hospitals and medical equipment suppliers)
    • Supply Chain strategies and emerging trends from industry leaders
  • Winter 2022
    • Logistics and inventory management of Amazon and Alibaba
    • Optimization and productivity improvement of replenishing operation for DSV Solutions
    • Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Major Supply Chain Operations
    • Review of Canada’s patient care operations in the pandemic and endemic phases of epidemiology 
    • Impact of Covid-19 on the Automotive industry operations and supply chain

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