APS1018 The Engineer in Society; Ethics, History, Philosophy

  • Winter 2020 – 100% Online
    • The Impact of the Development of the Transistor on Society
    • Saving Lives and Making Money: The Ethics Involved in Creating Breakthrough Medical Technologies
    • Engineering Positive or Negative Impact on Society
  • Summer 2020 – 100% Online
    • The Societal Impacts of Credentialism and Educational Inflation: How Academia and Professional Industry Continue to Diverge into the 21st Century
    • Cross-Silo Leadership: breaking down silos to help engineers collaborate across boundaries
    • The Union Station UP Express YYZ Network
  • Winter 2022 – 100% Online
    • The effects of Covid-19 on the workplace environment 
    • China’s Strategy for Global Hegemony and it’s Relation with the World Economic Forums (WEF) “Great Reset”


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