APS1013 Applying Innovation: Working with External Companies

  • Fall 2020
    • Samco Machinery – Rethinking the Sales Management Process-Identifying countries, sectors for Samco to expand and ways to communicate sales remotely. 
    • Crystal Fountains – Transitioning to a customer centric organization
    • Proxima Command – Identify requirements to acquire funding for STEM education program using their “starship simulator” set-up
  • Fall 2021
    • Samco Machinery – Developing the R&D Management Capability
    • Crystal Fountains – Developing a Management Decision-making Model Generation
    • Proxima Command –Advancing the Business and developing a Forward Planning Model for Proxima Command’s Initial Public Offering
    • Schneider Electric -Developing voice of the customer on Schneider electrics digital services and competitor analysis
    • Colliers Engineering & Design Firm– Expanding into new market sectors

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