APS1013 Applying Innovation: Working with External Companies

Applying Innovation Course -Working with External Companies

  • Winter 2017
    • Samco Machinery – Implementing a Performance Measurement System
    • Siemens – Carbon Tax Project and Preparing for Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)
    • Fibos – Determining Market Potential and Strategy for Fiber-Optic Sensors.
    • Safran (Messier Dowty-Bugatti) – Developing a Supplier Management Simulation
    • Crystal Fountains – Analysis and evaluation of the investment measures and innovation performance
    • Triumph – Improving Shop Floor Control and Labor Reporting
  • Winter 2018
    • Bombardier Aerospace 1 – Improving Inventory Optimization in the Q400 aircraft programme (obsolescence, order policy, forecasting)
    • Bombardier Aerospace 2 – Improving Methods engineering- Aircraft Modifications design / build Process
    • Pratt & Whitney – Fostering employee engagement in Innovation – solve the problem of poor response rate in submission of innovative ideas
    • Samco Machinery – Reduce throughput time by eliminating the papers/unnecessary process steps between M6 (Design Verification) and M7 (Release to Production Control).
    • Fibos – Developing a Marketing Approach to enter into the turbine industry in power and aerospace sectors
    • Crystal Fountains –Developing a formalized innovation management process
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