APS1012 Management of Innovation

Management of Innovation Course

  • Spring 2017 – 10 Day Version                                                                
    •  Space Manufacturing
    • The Information of Tomorrow -The Future of Information Diffusion
    • The Future of Aerospace
  • Spring 2018 – 10 Day Version
    • Movie Industry and Its Technological Innovations
    • Medical and Health Care Innovations
    • Innovations in Transportation
    • Innovations In Retail
    • Innovations in Banking Services
  • Fall 2018 – 100% Online
    • How Innovation Gets Financed, and Sourced in Different Cultures (incorporating micro-financing)
    • Bed-In-A-Box: Innovation in The Mattress Industry
    • Blockchain technology and Its Impact Across Various Industries
    • 3D Printing in Various Industries -Impact on the marketplace, and supply chain; healthcare sector 3D printing of organs, agriculture industry 3D printing food, and in engineering 3D printing homes and buildings.
    • High Speed Rail
    • Innovation in Smart Cites
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