APS1012 Managing Business Innovation and Transformational Change

Managing Business Innovation and Transformational Change Course

The course will provide students with the core concepts of innovation including; strategic thinking, transformational change management, future state visioning, innovative enterprise design & development, new product development, business process management and sustaining a culture of innovation.  It has been designed for those who desire a career path leading to a role as a corporate change agent such as CEO, COO, Senior VP’s, C-Level Certified Management Consultants, or as entrepreneurs.  This seminar style course will equip students with the knowledge and the skills to manage innovation at strategic and operational levels. The management of innovation is interdisciplinary and multi-functional, requiring the alignment of market forces, technological systems and organizational change to improve the competitiveness and effectiveness of organizations and society. The process of innovation management is essentially generic, although organization, technological and market specific factors will guide strategic choices and actions. This course will incorporate both academic readings to provide the broad theory of innovation but most of the readings and discussions will be based on the instructors many years of hands on practical experience in innovation management in a variety of industry sectors. Here are past student team research Projects:

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