APS1012 Management of Innovation

Managing Business Innovation and Transformational Change Course

  • Winter 2020 – 100% Online
    • Tesla’s Cyber Truck: A Case Study of Market Disruption
    • Innovation in Health Care-An analysis of electronic health records in Canada – Aging population, sharing of patient data, connected technologies, remote care, snail’s pace development
    • The Toronto Transit Corp – Analysis and Innovative Solutions to the Identified Problems Plaguing the TTC.  
    • Optimizing Airline Ticketing Through Technology – how customers pay for
    • Climate Change and Innovation Initiatives
    • Small Nuclear Reactor– Drivers of change – lower cost energy, climate change, safety, regulation and licensing, public concern over old nuclear facilities.
  • Summer  2020 – 100% Online
    • Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing 
    • The Innovation in Huawei’s Business Model
    • RIL-JIO: Transitioning Business in Digital Economies
  • Winter  2021- 100% Online

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