AI Applications-Brian Lenahan 19 Aug 20

Today on your show we talk about “Artificial Intelligence-Applications, and Implications”
As with most changes in life, there will be positive and negative impacts on society as artificial intelligence continues to transform the world we live in. How that will balance out is anyone’s guess and up for much debate and for many people to contemplate. When AI takes over repetitive or dangerous tasks, it frees up the human workforce to do work they are better equipped for—tasks that involve creativity and empathy among others. If people are doing work that is more engaging for them, it could increase happiness and job satisfaction. But it may make a lot of people unemployed. Determining who is at fault if an autonomous vehicle hurts a pedestrian or how to manage a global autonomous arms race are just a couple of examples of the challenges to be faced. Will machines become super-intelligent and will humans eventually lose control? Those unintended outcomes of artificial intelligence will likely challenge us all.

Brian Lenahan is founder of Aquitaine Innovation Advisors, a consulting and publishing company located in Mississauga. He’s a former executive with a Top 5 Bank, leading teams of over 150 employees in operational and technology environments. He graduated from MIT’s AI strategy program in 2017. Brian has written & published three books on AI largely focused on business people, consultants and coaches applications of AI. His fourth book will be released in September titled Deep Health: Taking Control and Transforming Your Health Using AI. In 2021, Brian’s fifth book will focus on the increasing global applications of quantum computing. He has also published over 30 articles on LinkedIn about current technology issues

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