AER1601 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry

AER1601 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry.  

Aerospace is a broad field of technological activity. The course will focus on managing an aerospace enterprise with a specialization in aircraft engineering and production operations. Students in this course will work with industrial partners (past examples: DeHavilland Aircraft Canada – Q400 Operations – Downsview, Safran Lading Gear Systems – Ajax, and Bombardier Aerospace – Toronto and London UK, Pratt and Whitney Canada – Toronto) on live projects applying the theory learned in the course. Upon course completion, the participants will be able to apply the tools and methods of Aerospace Enterprise Management Sciences and will:

  • gain an understanding and appreciation of the principles and applications relevant to management of the Aerospace Business Enterprise;
  • develop skills necessary to effectively analyze and synthesize the issues aerospace companies must address to scale and advance their capabilities in the marketplace;
  • acquire the analytical skills, tools and methods to scale the enterprise including lean design, lean engineering and manufacturing, voice of customer, process management, integrated product development, group technology, concurrent engineering, programme management, phase/milestone, agility, knowledge based engineering, expert systems, and ERP for aerospace environments;
  • learn how to design and build a Lean Aerospace Enterprise Management System from order receipt to shipping, commissioning and ongoing customer support;
  • understand how to apply Lean Engineering and Manufacturing systems that are used in aerospace operations;
  • increase their knowledge and broaden their perspective of the aerospace world to which they will contribute their talents as leaders in aerospace business operations; and
  • understand the various engineering career path options available in the aerospace enterprise engineering and operations environment.

Here is a list of past student research projects:

Fall 2017 – Bombardier Aerospace Projects 

Team 1-Work and Material Planning and Shop Floor Control

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Issuance of Material to the Line

Team 2 -Fabrication Shop Operations Improvement

  • Workflow efficiencies, Plant Layout (NOT IN SCOPE), Plan and Unplanned Work, Vendor Part Management
  • Capacity planning and Shop Loading, Bottleneck reduction, Order Release, Labour Staffing
  • Priority Planning, AGO, Spares, Unplanned work

Team 3 –Labour Tracking and Learning Curves

  • Visibility and Usefulness
  • How are decisions made?
  • Gaps and Inefficences

Team 4 – Methods Engineering Operational Improvement

  • How do we manage critical parts using the critical path method? Is it efficient rand effective?
  • What are the predecessors and Successors – how is this defined and used?  Is it accurate? How do we improve it?
  • Line Balancing to Remove workstations (new assembly methods sequencing)

Fall 2019 – Inclass Semester

  1. Bombardier Bay 2–Optimization Aerostructures line Global 5000/5500 & 6000/65
  2. Bombardier Work Center Optimization Bay 4 – Final Assembly Li
  3. deHavilland – Work Centre 710 Operations Optimization
  4. deHavilland – Assembly Line Work Center 610 Final Project Report
  5. Safran- Enterprise Wide Relational Database Governance model
  6. Safran– Factory of the Future project – technology management and change

Fall 2020 – 100% Online

  1. BombardierTooling-Management Systems 
  2. Bombardier AerospaceEvolution – from rise to fall to?
  3. deHavilland – Rethinking the Aircraft Production Process
  4. Lockheed Martin Case Study – Critical Success factors LM Skunk Works and Kelly Johnson
  5. Safran  – Agile Product Development for Landing Gear Development

Fall 2021 – 100% Online (Full Semester)

  1. Bombardier Aerospace London, UK – Expanding hanger operations and planning a facilities move
  2. Bombardier Aerospace London, UK– Optimizing Operation in Maintenance Stores – How to Improve Flow
  3. deHavilland Aircraft Developing a Parallel Superstation Assembly 
  4. Bombardier Toronto – Developing a Pre-Flight Status Tracking System
  5. Bombardier Toronto – Developing a Pre-flight Crew Handover system
  6. Safran  – Developing a Digitization strategy for an aerospace enterprise

Fall 2022 – 100% Online (Full Semester)

  1. deHavilland – Implementing a manufacturing operating system for the new DHC-515 Water Bomber 
  2. Pratt & Whitney – Technology Maturation Process Improvement 
  3. Safran – Assessing the disconnect between the innovation funnel and innovation implementation strategy 
  4. Bombardier – Developing Operations Monitoring System to Improve Visibility and Pre-flight Operations Planning 

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