AER1601 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry

AER1601 Aerospace Engineering & Operations Management-Working with Aerospace Industry

Fall 2017 – Bombardier Aerospace Projects 

Team 1-Work and Material Planning and Shop Floor Control

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Issuance of Material to the Line

Team 2 -Fabrication Shop Operations Improvement

  • Workflow efficiencies, Plant Layout (NOT IN SCOPE), Plan and Unplanned Work, Vendor Part Management
  • Capacity planning and Shop Loading, Bottleneck reduction, Order Release, Labour Staffing
  • Priority Planning, AGO, Spares, Unplanned work

Team 3 –Labour Tracking and Learning Curves

  • Visibility and Usefulness
  • How are decisions made?
  • Gaps and Inefficences

Team 4 – Methods Engineering Operational Improvement

  • How do we manage critical parts using the critical path method? Is it efficient rand effective?
  • What are the predecessors and Successors – how is this defined and used?  Is it accurate? How do we improve it?
  • Line Balancing to Remove workstations (new assembly methods sequencing)

Fall 2019 – Inclass Semester

  1. Bombardier Bay 2–Optimization Aerostructures line Global 5000/5500 & 6000/65
  2. Bombardier Work Center Optimization Bay 4 – Final Assembly Li
  3. deHavilland – Work Centre 710 Operations Optimization
  4. deHavilland – Assembly Line Work Center 610 Final Project Report
  5. Safran- Enterprise Wide Relational Database Governance model
  6. Safran– Factory of the Future project – technology management and change

Fall 2020 – 100% Online

  1. BombardierTooling-Management Systems 
  2. Bombardier AerospaceEvolution – from rise to fall to?
  3. deHavilland – Rethinking the Aircraft Production Process
  4. Lockheed Martin Case Study – Critical Success factors LM Skunk Works and Kelly Johnson
  5. Safran  – Agile Product Development for Landing Gear Development

Fall 2021 – 100% Online (Full Semester)

  1. Bombardier Aerospace London, UK – Expanding hanger operations and planning a facilities move
  2. Bombardier Aerospace London, UK– Optimizing Operation in Maintenance Stores – How to Improve Flow
  3. deHavilland Aircraft Developing a Parallel Superstation Assembly 
  4. Bombardier Toronto – Developing a Pre-Flight Status Tracking System
  5. Bombardier Toronto – Developing a Pre-flight Crew Handover system
  6. Safran  – Developing a Digitization strategy for an aerospace enterprise

Fall 2022 – 100% Online (Full Semester)

  1. deHavilland – Implementing a manufacturing operating system for the new DHC-515 Water Bomber 
  2. Pratt & Whitney – Technology Maturation Process Improvement 
  3. Safran – Assessing the disconnect between the innovation funnel and innovation implementation strategy 
  4. Bombardier – Developing Operations Monitoring System to Improve Visibility and Pre-flight Operations Planning 

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