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Our Core Capabilities - Over 20 Years of Innovation History
For over 20 years, AMGI has been helping companies worldwide to achieve measurable business results by improving enterprise wide operations linking Strategy, Technology and Innovation.
We began as a boutique management consultancy specializing in engineering and technology driven businesses. We have honed our practical experience, in aerospace, defence, consumer goods, media, newspaper publishing, industrial equipment, engineering, to create well packaged set of methodologies focused on the management and application of Innovation.
We have transitioned our business to focus on corporate education and training in the field of Innovation Management. Our passion is to transfer knowledge to executives and management to actually drive and sustain innovation through the company by building the competencies and capabilities of the key change agents.
We use a proven implementation path to achieve success in the following areas:
Engineering and New Product Development Management
Enterprise (ERP) Systems Implementation
Business Transformation and Turnaround
Lean Manufacturing and Engineering
Strategic and Directional Planning
Organizational Development and Management Coaching
Risk Management and Assessment
ERP & NPD Rescue Programs

We help our clients set high standards and provide a provocation for change and continuous improvement. We have a very strong philosophy that Class A improvement can only be sustained when our client has ownership of the change. We do not say this lightly. Our approach is tailored to the unique character of each company and is delivered with varying levels of intensity.
Education and Training Programs
We develop and deliver a comprehensive range of Innovation Management workshops, seminars and courses in all service area. These are conducted both on-site and off-site.
Coaching, Facilitation and Mentorship
One on one coaching to senior and middle management to accelerate career progression. We have a particular specialty on mentoring Engineers and Scientists through to management.
Management of Change – The Heart of Innovation
We apply a proven path to the management of change. We accept that every one resists change in all areas of the business even the executives who hire us. Our approach ensures that each initiative has:
The necessary sponsorship throughout the hierarchy
An effective communication plan
An organization that is ready for change
A capable project leader and implementation team
A strategy to overcome resistance
Political and social harmony
A conflict resolution approach
Rewards and recognition

We only use the MOC approach when delivering a service. It is pointless to change for the sake of change. Our video "Engineering the Future - Managing Change for Success" illustrates the best practices used at a variety of companies.

What we achieve:
Deep impact transformational change – culture, process, bottom line benefits
Reduced product development lead-time from order entry thru shipping
Reduced cost of design and build
Implementing a culture to sustaining continuous innovation
Scale the business by developing the leadership team and cascading thru the organization

How we achieve it:
Assessing a company to determine exactly where the gaps are and how to close them
Develop a strategic directional plan that maps the path from the current state to the future state
Develop a compelling vision of the future that wins the hearts and minds of executives and employees.
Coaching the CEO / President and executive steering committee thru the change initiative
Installing and deploying a project management office to govern the initiative
Developing and coaching the implementation team to “engineer” the future state.
Creating and energizing the workforce to implement improvements
Forming self directed task teams to actually implement the changes
Identifying tactics to overcome the resistance to change.
Developing and delivering a tailored education and training program for all employees
Developing and implementing a measurement system to enable continuous improvement

Why Use AMGI Management Group Inc.

We take a holistic approach to Innovation Management, balancing all enterprise domains of change including people, culture, process and technology. Our associates are highly results oriented and have many years of hands on practical experience in a variety of industries. In addition many hold both a professional engineering licence and the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) qualification or an MBA.
The benefit of professional qualifications is your assurance that we will provide the best advice for your circumstances.

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History, Strategic Alliances and Customers of AMGI

Founded in early 1993 by Stephen Armstrong.

Strategic Alliances:
Bywater Inc., a global management consulting firm who specialize in Process and Quality Management based in Stamford, Connecticut.
halo Management Consulting, a professional management consulting services in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. They are based in Ottawa.

Representative Clients Include:
Asea Brown Boveri
Avcorp Aerospace
Bombardier Aerospace
British Aerospace Military
Canadian DND
Chubb Electronics
Chubb Security Systems
Computer Sciences Corporation
de Havilland Aircraft
Eli Lilly
Gay Lea Foods
Globe and Mail newspaper - Canada National
Hughes Helicopters
IBM Labs
Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Magellan Aerospace
Martin Marietta
McDonnell Douglas Aircraft (McAir)
Messier-Dowty Aerospace
Metalumen Lighting
Nuform Rollformers
Ontario Store Fixtures
Pratt & Whitney
SAMCO Machinery
Smithkline Beecham
Teleflex Canada
TFI Aerospace
Toronto Plastics
Uddeholm Steel
Winnipeg Free Press


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